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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Make Mine Pink Boutique & The Pink Slipper Project Widgets

MakeMinePink.com & The Pink Slipper Project

Today's featured widgets are from MakeMinePink.com. MakeMinePink.com is the idea of Founder & Web/Graphic Designer, Joyce Lucas. MakeMinePink was founded in 2004 and born from Lucas' need to connect with other women entrepreneurs. Now, for the years since then, MakeMinePink has provided a platform for small-business owners to sell their products or services, easily and simultaneously offer a supportive business community, as well. Learn more about MakeMinePink.com and this great service they provide.

Additionally, Lucas is the Founder of The Pink Slipper Project. The Pink Slipper Project is an endeavor to warm the hearts and toes of women and children living in shelters for the homeless. The goal of The Pink Slipper Project is to provide hand-made slippers to as many women and children as they can.

The website for The Pink Slipper Project (TPSP) is one of the prettiest websites I've ever seen! The slippers featured on TPSP are gorgeous-beautiful. You should see the Slipper Teddy-Bear sets and the Christmas Stockings! The images are so clear you can discern the exquisite patterns, colors and detail that went into creating them. It's easy to see that their designers are quite talented. What else can I say, other than, "Gorgeous designs for a lovely cause!"?

The image at the top right is a 'The Pink Slipper Project' widget. The widget below, is the MakeMinePink Boutique widget and it spotlights different boutiques of the MakeMinePink.com community.

Delight in the Lord

4Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Psalm 37:4, KJV
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