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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Professional Blog & E-mail Signature Widgets - DooID v2.0

DooID v2.0 Blog & E-mail Signatures

Hi, Everyone! Today's featured widgets are from DooID, the creation of Founder & Web Developer, Per Schmitz. Recently, DooID v2.0 was released and I'm enjoying using v2.0 even more than I enjoyed using v1.0!

The image on the top-left side of this post is the new DooID v2.0 Sidebar Widget; it's the actual widget. Click on 'v-card' and it will take you to my Michelle_Boddie DooID Virtual Business Card. Of course, your Sidebar Widget would take you to your DooID Virtual Business Card.

The widgets below are samples of the E-mail & Blog Signature Widgets. As their names suggest, you can add these widgets to your e-mails and your blog posts as your 'signature'. The value of using the DooID Signature Widgets is that you have a novel signature that links to your DooID Virtual Business Card for each post or e-mail! To see an example of using the DooID as a *blog-post signature, you can visit, ''X' is Here!'

These DooID v2.0 E-mail & Blog Signature Widgets are customizable by color (although you don't see that reflected with my DooIDs, you really can; I tried out different colors) and the two lines of information below your name. The Sidebar Widget (160 x 250 pixels) is available in the color shown (sleek & professional). As with the Sidebar Widget at top-left side of this post, the widgets below are clickable. One of the E-mail & Blog Signature Widgets is shown without an e-mail address 'selected'. The other one is shown with an e-mail address 'selected'.

You can discover more about the DooID Virtual Business Card at my related post (with video), 'Virtual Business Cards: DooID v2.0. Love It!'

Blog & E-mail Signature Widget for Michelle_Boddie (w/o email address 'selected')

Sidebar Widget (160 X 250 Pixels) for Michelle_Boddie

Blog & E-mail Signature Widget for MichelleBoddie (with an e-mail address 'selected')michelleboddie

Sidebar Widget (160 X 250 Pixels) for MichelleBoddie

* To add the DooID Blog & E-mail Signature Widget to each of your posts in Blogger/Blogspot blogs, click on 'Settings', then click on 'Formatting' and then add the code you obtain from your DooID account, into the 'Post Template' area/box. Finally, click 'Save Settings' and your done!

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