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Monday, August 09, 2010

Video Mail in an Eye Blink!

Eyejot Video Messaging Widget

Eyejot is a messaging platform that creates video mail easily and quickly. It's being utilized to keep in touch with family, friends and business colleagues and is free to join.

The site widget, featured between the videos below, allows you to place a miniature version of Eyejot onto your own website, blog, or Myspace page. People visiting your page will see your profile video (that you add), and be able to send you Eyejots directly from the widget. If you wish to allow non-Eyejot users to send you messages, be sure to check the "Allow Anonymous Messages" box accessed by clicking on the 'Services' tab and then the 'Site Widget' tab at the Eyejot website. In addition to the site widget other Eyejot services are:

  • iTunes/RSS: The iTunes/RSS feature allows you to subscribe to your Eyejot messages from iTunes or your RSS reader program. Your messages will automatically be converted to a format which can be viewed directly within these programs.
  • Mobile/Social: The mobile feature allows you to access your Eyejot video inbox from your mobile phone. In order to use this feature, your phone must be capable of displaying HTML and playing audio and video. For best performance, please identify the type of mobile device you use.
  • Notifications: Eyejot will send you a weekly summary of your activity. These notifications are useful reminders of your communications and potential follow-up activity.
  • Other Devices: You can enable Chumby support or other, similar Flashlite devices.
  • EyejotThis: This bookmarklet allows you to send Eyejots straight from your browser's toolbar of websites you visit. and supports sending messages to Twitter.
  • ~ Eyejot

Joining Eyejot is easy! Sign-up now for free and try it!

I am an Eyejot affiliate!

Delight in the Lord

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