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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Camelot Series, 'Merlin' Clips and Full Vids Widgets - Part 2

Lady Morgana Pendragon & Maidservant Guinevere - Future Queens of Camelot

'Merlin' Series

Hello, Everyone! Today's post features a Hulu 'Advanced Video Panel Widget' and 'Video Panel Widget' for the BBC show, 'Merlin'. Currently, season / series 3 of 'Merlin' is airing on the SyFy channel, here in the USA. Season / Series 3 has already aired in the UK. This widget features full-length videos, as well as clips, of the show. The 'Advanced Video Panel Widget' is featured in this post. The 'Video Panel Widget' is featured in 'Camelot Series, 'Merlin' Clips and Full Vids Widgets - Part 1', on this blog (because whichever one is on top is the one that renders fully in the post, when both are present).

The widget is customizable, as follows:
  • Orientation: Horizontal or Vertical
  • The number of thumbnails (images): One, Two, Three or Four

The widget is available in two versions:
  • 'Video Panel Widget' - the clicked / selected video will play off-site / away from your site
  • 'Advanced Video Panel Widget' - the clicked / selected video will play on-site / on your site. It features an integrated video player that utilizes Javascript so that viewers can watch the video without leaving your site.  It will not be visible on the page you want viewers to see it on if your hosting company does not permit the execution of external Javascript.

'Merlin' Fans, be sure to check out the 'Merlin' Montage I've created.  I think you'll enjoy it!

An Aside:

While I was onsite I read some of the viewers comments about the 'Merlin' show's 'Guinivere' actress, and one in particular was very rude toward the actress; the commentor didn't think she should be cast in the role due to his/her opinion of her outward appearance. Several others agreed with him/her. I wonder what we would think of their appearances if we could see them? No matter what we think, there is no excuse to be rude, nor unkind.

Morgana & Guinevere: Friends and future sister-in-laws
 I can see that the actress portraying 'Guinevere' is a natural beauty (a person's skin hue / color does not prevent me from noticing this, as it does for others). I think she does a really good job portraying this role, as an actress. Also, as a maid, 'Guinevere' is not supposed to be a 'make-up beauty'. Therefore, having a natural beauty play this role is key. Some people are so accustomed to seeing images of 'make-up' beauty / 'make-up' handsomeness as in movies and magazines that they do not recognize natural beauty and consider a natural look to be plain and un-attractive. And, of course, to some people only certain skin hues / colors are beautiful. Being a fan of the show, I've viewed the behind-the-scenes clip of how this actress came to be chosen and, in a nutshell, they stated that during the audition they realized that she was exactly the actress they were looking for;she qualified.

Additionally, I'll state that many human beings pass judgement and share their opinions on the outward appearance, including skin hue / color, of other human beings and do so in a very rude and crude manner, to say the least. Ultimately, only one opinion matters and that is the opinion of the One that created the different skin hues / colors, our Creator. I've noticed that the red rose does not look like the white gardenia (and were not designed nor created to) yet, the red rose is equally as beautiful as the white gardenia, and particularly so to their designer / creator, the Creator.

To that rude commenter and those like him/her that only appreciate their own skin hue / color I want you to notice that the 'Morgana' actress wears a lot of eye make-up to achieve the 'Morgana' look / appearance. I've seen photos of the 'Morgana' actress without her 'Morgana' make-up and she, too, is a natural beauty. Both actresses, the 'Guinevere' actress and the 'Morgana' actress , are natural beauties even though they are wearing two different skin hues / colors. Both of those skin hues / colors are beautiful. Both of those 'race-colors' are beautiful, equally.

To all people that are looked down upon, and picked on because of your Creator-selected skin hue / color by other human beings wearing a Creator-selected skin hue / color, I encourage you to remember He thinks your skin's hue / color is absolutely perfect and beautiful for you. He obviously thinks you will wear that hue / color wonderfully! Furthermore, those that find it worthwhile to call someone else ugly and say rude, unkind things about others often are filled with hate, for others and for themselves, which is a self-imposed ugliness on the inside, flowing outward. Their opinions are worthless in comparison to the One that gave you that beautiful skin hue / color you are wearing. No matter what 'race-color' an individual of the human race is wearing, you can count on this truth, the Creator thinks it is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! I do, too!

Conclusion:  We know the Creator likes gardens; think of Eden. So, we know the Creator likes flowers. Have you seen the huge variety of flower hues / colors in existence? It's safe to say that the Creator thinks more colors than white are beautiful. From His perspective we humans, with all our gorgeous hues / colors from the darkest to the lightest, look like various beautiful flowers of this big garden we call Earth.

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Delight in the Lord

4Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Psalm 37:4, KJV
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