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Friday, January 29, 2010

Freebase Embeddable Topic Widgets

Add Relevant TopicBlocks to Your Blog or Website

Freebase.com is a huge collection of facts, built by people like you and me. Freebase.co connects facts in ways other sites do not, giving us new ways to explore millions of subjects.

TopicBlocks are embeddable widgets with facts, images, and other relevant content, of your choice, from across the Web. Due to the facts, images and other relevant content of a TopicBlock, your site is enhanced. ~ Freebase

TopicBlock Details:

  • When the word at the top-left corner (in this case 'TweetDeck' or 'Twitter') is clicked on, the Freebase facts page for your topic ('TweetDeck'/'Twitter') will load.
  • When the word at the bottom-left corner, 'Freebase' is clicked on the TopicBlock Widget code page for the topic you've selected (in this case 'TweetDeck' or 'Twitter') will load. 
  • When the statement 'Get one for any topic!' at the bottom-right corner is clicked on, the same TopicBlock Widget code page for your chosen/selected topic loads, as in this case 'TweetDeck' or 'Twitter'. To choose/select another topic, type your topic into the Freebase.com search box.


Delight in the Lord

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