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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Forever After with Shrek

Shrek 3D: Forever After

After all of his adventures, Shrek (Mike Myers) has become a domesticated, family-ogre. Instead of scaring villagers away as he used to, Shrek now autographs pitchforks. His longing for the days when he felt like a "real ogre", facilitates him being tricked into signing a pact with the smooth-talking deal-maker, Rumpelstiltskin (Walt Dohrn). Shrek couldn't resist the offer; all he wanted was a day off to relax and be a real ogre again. Since Rumpelstiltskin said he would give Shrek one day where none of his adventures had ever happened, everything would be like it was before and all Shrek had to trade him to get a day off was one day from his own life, Shrek accepted the offer. However, after signing the contract, Shrek discovers he has been tricked because the one day Rumpelstiltskin took out of Shrek's life was the day that Shrek was born - meaning that he (Shrek) never existed, which consequently, created a time paradox.

Now, Shrek finds himself in a twisted, alternate version of Far Far Away, where Rumpelstiltskin has now ascended to king, ogres are hunted to near-extinction, Donkey (Eddie Murphy) is an intellectual who has never met Shrek, is forced into cart-pulling duty and fears him, Gingy (Conrad Vernon) is a gladiator fighting animal crackers, Puss-in-Boots (Antonio Banderas) is fat and lazy and Fiona (Cameron Diaz) is a hunted ogre who is the leader of a band of other hunted ogres and has never met Shrek. Furthermore, Artie (Justin Timberlake) has been forced to step down as ruler of Far Far Away.

The contract he signed with Rumplestiltskin will be rendered null and void and the true timeline will be restored if Shrek shares "True Love's Kiss" with Fiona by the sunrise of the next day. However, if Shrek does not make it, he'll disappear because he was never born. Check out the interactive Shrek 3D: Forever After website. The movie is planned to be released in cinemas May 21, 2010 in the US and the July 2, 2010 in the UK. Enjoy the movie trailers, below!

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Delight in the Lord

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